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Landscape Maintenance

JHL works closely with each and every customer to build a maintenance package that best fits their individual needs.


Welcome the warmer days with our comprehensive Spring Cleanup! As winter bids farewell,
your property deserves a fresh start. Our team meticulously removes leaves, branches, and
other debris from your flower beds and lawns, ensuring every corner is ready for spring. We
also assess and repair any winter damage, and we'll take all the debris with us once we're done, leaving your space immaculate.



Choose from our Natural Brown or Black mulch options and let us transform your landscape.
Our experts craft a natural earth edge around your planting beds and tree rings and apply a pre-emergent weed control to keep unwanted growth at bay. We lay a precise 2-inch layer of double shredded premium mulch, prune your perennials, and ornamental grasses to ensure your garden's health and aesthetic appeal.



Achieve a pristine look with our regular lawn mowing services. We sharpen our mower blades daily and adjust cutting heights throughout the season to guarantee the best look and health for your lawn. Our team carefully mows, edges, and cleans up all turf areas, walkways, and patios, ensuring a neat finish from mid-April to October, adapting the schedule based on growth rates and weather conditions.



We provide detailed monthly care for your ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.
Our services include removing dead plants, pruning overgrown branches, and precise weeding using manual or chemical methods in compliance with local regulations. Feel free to discuss any specific concerns with our management team for personalized care. This is your opportunity to have tailored monthly service to address your specific needs.



Twice a year, our skilled crews prune all shrubs, ground cover, and ornamental trees on your
property. Each plant is assessed individually for a tailored approach, ensuring optimal health
and growth by understanding the specific pruning needs of each species.


Avoid water damage and landscape erosion with our thorough gutter cleaning services available during the spring and fall. Our team ensures that all gutters and downspouts are free from debris, with all waste cleaned up and removed from your property afterwards.