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Bringing People together,

one backyard at a time.

With more of American life taking place at home, and as more memories get made in the backyard, outdoor improvements will encourage the family to spend more time at home. Our mission is to be at the forefront of that movement as we realize more than ever, people need a place to call their personal oasis.

If you're here it's most likely because there is an aspect of your property you would like to see improved.  Perhaps it's a place to eat outdoors, more space to entertain, a fire pit to make s'mores, a pool to keep cool in the summer, or maybe you're just tired of looking at nothing but grass.

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The age-old saying goes, “If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

That’s why we strive to get it right the first time. We spend as much time upfront with you to ensure that you get the design you are expecting. Our sales process, 3D Rendering Designs, and communication style all lend themselves to a smooth and comfortable experience for you- the customer- and give you peace of mind that the job will get done right.

We attribute much of our longevity in the landscaping and design industry as well as our embodiment in the community to that very process. Customers get the satisfaction of knowing they can rely on our work and won’t have to deal with poor craftmanship years after their design is installed. You get the satisfaction of knowing we will always be here for you during the life of your design for any updates, repairs, or maintenance.

But Don't Take It From Us...

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No matter where you are in your journey towards improving your landscape, we are here to walk you through it. Please take the opportunity to scroll down and learn about our process while taking advantage of some of the tools and tips we provide for you. Like our Free Design Guide, to get you pointed in the right direction so you can make the best decision for your property.  
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So, You Have a Vision in Mind But Perhaps You're Thinking...

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WHY trust JHL?

  • Our headquarters is located in West Chester, PA and we pride ourselves on serving our surrounding areas.

  • Our landscape designers are certified & full-time JHL employees

  • We built our business on great work and referrals

  • We are experts in custom backyards, inground pool landscaping, luxury patios & more.

  • We are FULLY insured

"Ok, you seem trustworthy but what

does hiring JHL look like?"

Well, if you're here for the first time, you may be looking for examples of our work(and we will surely take you there). Because we understand the biggest uncertainty for you is, "Will the vision I have in mind match the final result?". You especially want to know this when constructing projects that include
amenities such as:
Projects like these are huge investments in time, money, and emotion. Thankfully, we've prepared you for that with our process, with the highlight being our 3D Design Renderings that give you the chance to see your vision before work gets started...
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Hardscape Design & Installation Process

The Proof Is in The Project...

Now that you've taken the time to review our company and process, let's walk you through one of our most recent projects. This way, you can gain a third-person perspective of what to expect for your project!
In this example, we'll be looking at The Procopio residence, a project we just completed in Frazier, PA. We will also be hearing straight from Rusty Procopio about his experience during the design process.
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3D Design Rendering


Our experience working with homeowners such as yourself has led us to understand some common questions and concerns you may have when choosing a design and build company.  We've built our very process around the answers to these common questions. This not only provides you the best results possible but also a good experience along the way.

Now let's get you some answers straight from Rusty, a homeowner
just like you:
"I'm investing a lot of money into this project and wondering what guarantee I have that you will install everything correctly. How do I know you will honor your work and what sets it apart? 
"All the other companies are saying the same thing and they do good work too.  Why should  I ultimately decide on you?"  WATCH CLIP
"How do I know the final result will match my vision?"  WATCH CLIP
"What is the communication like during the process?  How can I be certain I get the level of service required to give me peace of mind the job is getting done right and on time?  WATCH CLIP
"Nothing ever goes EXACTLY according to plan. How can I trust changes, challenges and issues will be handled accordingly?"  WATCH CLIP
"I like to be very hands-on with the project and the people working on it. How can I be assured of my wants and needs for the project and my property?"   WATCH CLIP

An Informed Client is a Happy Client

Even if you decide not to choose JHL we feel it is our obligation to make sure you are equipped to make the best decision for yourself


FREE Design Planning Guide!

JHL put our decades of experience into compiling a landscape planning guide for homeowners just like you.

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