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Landscape Design & Installation

At JHL Landscaping, our trained Landscape Architect and design specialists have the experience and knowledge to make all landscape design/installation ideas obtainable and affordable! Whether your taste is a beautiful garden full of variety and color or you prefer a “low maintenance” style, we are happy to help you with a design that will fit your needs. Landscape lighting is also a great feature that can help enhance the beauty of your outside spaces and planted beds!

Garden Design

 We combine the art and science of plants, sustainable practices, and collaborative design to create one-of-a-kind garden spaces. Whether you are looking for an innovative layout for acreage or a small rooftop getaway we can curate your garden fantasy. Whether it is installing new plantings, maintaining new or existing gardens, or transforming overgrown beds, our staff has what it takes to get the job done.

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Annual Plantings

Plant material can bring life to virtually any landscape. With hundreds of plants to choose from, we will work with you to install practical options to suit the needs of you and your property. Our perennial designs are intended to foster long-term growth while incorporating the pre-existing characteristics of your property. Our annual installations change with the seasons and can be a great way to add color to your landscape for the duration of the year

Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to draw attention to the unique architectural features of your home; extend your outdoor living space long after the sun goes down; or simply provide some added security to your home, JHL Landscaping can provide the landscape lighting design and installation for your private residence or estate.

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Raised beds, a popular choice among our offerings, are particularly beneficial for vegetable gardens.They improve drainage, extend the growing season, and make tending to your plants easier on your back. Each raised bed garden is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and complement your existing landscape design.
Our expert landscapers work closely with you to determine the best location, size, and materials for your planters and gardens, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your outdoor environment. We also provide guidance on soil composition and plant selection to maximize the health and yield of your garden.

Ponds & Waterfalls

Even if your property has a naturally existing pond, it may not be the best choice for a water feature, especially if you want to include a waterfall or an integrated fountain. A manmade pond with a concrete base is far easier to maintain. Ponds like this can be used as a standalone water feature, or they can act as a reservoir for a fountain, or waterfall. This gives the pond functional as well as aesthetic appeal.


In nature, waterfalls are prized for their beauty as well as their power. So, it’s no wonder that they are increasingly popular with homeowners who are looking to upgrade or install a new landscape concept. Modern-day materials and installation techniques also make it easier and more affordable than ever for you to have a creative waterfall right in the comfort of your own backyard.

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